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Thank you for visiting my Website.

I have received many requests from various festivals and events all around the world.

I would like many people to enjoy my Kendama show.

Performer of Kendama Yusuke Ito


Opening of the show

Yusuke Ito amuses audiences using unique Kendama such as the one with a big or a long string.

Middle of the show

Yusuke introduces Kendama with some explanations.
He brings some audiences on the stage and plays Kendama together.

Last of the show

Yusuke performs his last act with
a lot of special Kendama tricks like
“two Kendamas at once” and
“no thread” along with Japanese music.
The act will end with his trick which holds a Guinness world record.

After the show

Audiences can try playing Kendama and
Yusuke can help them after the show.
There’re about thirty-thousand Kendama tricks but several simple tricks will take only few minutes to learn.
Kendama for the trial can be brought on request.

The general content of requests

Festivals at various locations

With Kendama being a Japanese performance art,
Yusuke have the pleasure of being invited to various festivals across the world.
By not only performing at shows but also setting up booths in sections of festivals for experiencing Kendama,
it is possible for a stream of visitors to enjoy a lighthearted attempt at Kendama firsthand.


Foreign cultural exchange

Mainly through invitations by state organizations such as embassies and the Japan Foundation,
Yusuke undertake performances at Kendama shows and other events in various countries.
He want everyone in the world to be able to enjoy Kendama a part of Japanese culture.


Events at commercial establishments

Getting demand for events which you can experience,
Yusuke receive a lot of requests for the Kendama show + workshop.
By having visitors enjoy the show, then afterward experience the traditional Japanese toy of Kendama,
He endeavor to provide an occasion that will long linger in the memory.

Performer of Kendama Yusuke Ito

Kendama Show

Yusuke Ito brochure

Yusuke Ito Movie


和音和技 WAonWAgi

“WAonWAgi” is a Japanese entertainment show featuring Kendama and Japanese musical instruments.
The show will be accompanied by the energetic sounds of Tsugaru Shamisen and Shakuhachi, Wadaiko
and will showcase various Kendama skills.
Please enjoy the Performance and Sound of Japan!

WAonWAgi -Traditional Japanese Music & Performance –


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